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The other sides of Linda are many. She’s a wife, mother, sister, photographer, closet singer and too many others to name.


Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Linda had a secret desire to be a rock star. She spent many hours memorizing her favorite songs and writing poetry with the hope of being a singer/songwriter. Though Linda never became a rock star, she still spends her free time listening and singing to her favorite songs. She listens to a wide variety of music ranging from opera to current.


When Linda steps away from her writing, she enjoys spending time with her family. She has two daughters eighteen and fourteen, who keep her moving and they never let her forget a promise.


“My family is what keeps me grounded in reality. They let me stray just far enough to keep my creative self happy and pull me back when needed.”


Linda has been married to her wonderful husband for 21 years. She jokes that her husband didn’t sign on for her writer side. “…Because when we met he had no idea I aspired to be a writer. He only found out after the birth of our oldest daughter.”


Linda is also quick to point out that her husband is supportive of her writing and publishing endeavors, even if she does go overboard.

Family time can happen at any time. When it does reading, drawing, riding bikes, and watching movies are a few of the favorites. Linda also enjoys spending time with her three sisters. If she can squeeze the time into her day, she loves to read almost anything from mystery/suspense to the classics. Her genre of choice is vampires but that could change at any moment.


When asked what’s most important in her life Linda says, “My family. It’s my family that holds me up when I suffer a set back and it’s my family that celebrates my successes whether they are personal or professional.”